Coinbase Commerce for Contact Form 7


Coinbase Commerce for Contact Form 7 allows user to fill from and pay with Coinbase Commerce, Coinbase Commerce is a Cryptocurrency payment gateway.


  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Coinbase Commerce for Contact Form 7

These plugins should be installed and activated.

Go to Coinbase Commerce Dashboard, go to settings.

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coinbase commerce dashboard

Go to Security tab, Click New API Key, and copy the API Key.

Go to Your sites WP Admin Dashboard -> Contact Form 7 -> Coinbase Commerce Settings, Paste API Key and copy the Webhook URL, then save it.

Go to Notifications Tab, Add an endpoint, and paste the on copied.

Now go to Contact Form, Add New form go to Coinbase Commerce tab, enable it, enter pricing in USD or any desired currency, enter currency code you used, let’s say you entered amount in USD so enter USD in Currency Code.

FYI: Do not worry it will convert it into crypto currency and will accept in crypto currency.

Now on from end, when a user fills the form, user will be redirected to checkout page, where user will pay using crypto wallet.

On the admin end, admin can check, transection details on Coinbase Commerce Payments page, Payment status will remain in progress till admin receives payments in Coinbase Commerce account, Once admin gets the payments, Payment status will be automatically changed to completed.

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