Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce Pro 1.1 Release Notes – Beautiful Tooltip, Allow Specific Products, Min Amount to Checkout with and Specify Order Status


We were planning for so long and finally got the development done, and released the Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce Pro v1.1, This release includes so many cool features, features will be very useful for Admin and Users as well, lets dive into it😁. Better Tooltip Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce Pro used to show the pricing … Read more

Order Customized Product Print on Demand

If you have a WordPress obviously WooCommerce store, and you want to allow your customers to order whatever they want also known as Print on Demand, or we can simplify it by saying, customers will be able to design and order whatever they want. | Demo | Talk to Support | Buy Pro | Get … Read more

How to Automate/ Sync websites together

Let’s say you have multiple website, and you want them to Automate them or keep them synchronized. What is BotMate?BotMate is a WordPress automation plugin, that provides WordPress administrators a unique experience, to automate WordPress website by connecting together with no code approach. BotMate is a free automation plugin, that works on the Triggers and … Read more

Here is What You Should Do If You Want to Raise Your Sales and Simplify Your Payments at Your WooCommerce Stp.

Did you know that Coinbase Commerce can help you make your store stand out? Are you ready to accept cryptocurrency on your woocommerce store? Today, Cryptocurrency has established itself as a revolutionary, engaging, and intriguing medium of exchange for companies seeking to expand their reach into open and unrestricted financial markets. What are the business … Read more

AURPay for WooCommerce

AURPay offers a crypto payment gateway that you can access through its advanced API or on WooCommerce. The plugin makes it simple to provide cryptocurrency as a payment option, which should help attract more customers to your business. It can even add a unique touch to your marketing—your social media and PR campaigns can include … Read more

How to setup NOWPayments for WordPress/ WooCommerce

What is NOWPayments? NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway solution, it allows to accept crypto payments online, NOWPayments accepts 150+ crypto currencies all over the world. How to Integrate NOWPayments with WordPress/ WooCommerce NOWPayments for WooCommerce You can easily get NOWPayments for WooCommerce for free from here. Setup NOWPayments on your WordPress/ WooCommerce store for … Read more

Are you running a WooCommerce/ Ecommerce Store?

Are you running a WooCommerce/ Ecommerce Store? Are you running a WooCommerce/ Ecommerce store? Yes?, that’s great, how possibility you are not providing your users a Crypto Payment gateway on checkout? As of 2022 about 1 billion plus population is using crypto currencies, which is about 22% of the world. If you are not proving … Read more

Benefits of using the Coinbase plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Benefits of using the Coinbase plugins for WooCommerce Stores First of all, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Coinbase plugins in your WooCommerce store: Coinbase plugin offers a simple method to get your Bitcoin wallet for commercial transactions, with an email address-based enrollment procedure that takes only a few minutes. … Read more