AURPay for WooCommerce

AURPay offers a crypto payment gateway that you can access through its advanced API or on WooCommerce. The plugin makes it simple to provide cryptocurrency as a payment option, which should help attract more customers to your business. It can even add a unique touch to your marketing—your social media and PR campaigns can include the fact that you’re one of the few coveted stores to accept cryptocurrencies. 

Here are a few advantages:

  1. Pure non-custodial, powered by Smart Contract. Your funds are 100% safe.
  2. Save 96% gas cost, cost-friendly.
  3. Beautiful checkout design & smooth checkout experience that would increase 20% more conversion for your WooCommerce store.

They offer really good incentives and lifetime crypto rewards for merchants! Recently they launched Bitcoin Lightning Network and reward 10 satoshi for each transaction made on AURPay platform.
Check out their official website: for more product features.
Get AURPay Crypto Payment plugin for your WooCommerce site: Download


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