How to Automate/ Sync websites together

Let’s say you have multiple website, and you want them to Automate them or keep them synchronized.

What is BotMate?
BotMate is a WordPress automation plugin, that provides WordPress administrators a unique experience, to automate WordPress website by connecting together with no code approach.

BotMate is a free automation plugin, that works on the Triggers and Actions basis, Admin can set the entire workflow once, and BotMate will take care for the rest of the operations.

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How does BotMate Work?
BotMate works on the Triggers and Actions basis, Lets say you have multiple websites Site A, Site B, Site C and so on, Admin can set the flow.

If This happen on Site A, That should happen on Site B, Site C and so on.

1. If admin Publishes a Post on Site A, same Post should be published on Site B (Site C and so on) as well.
2. If a user Registers on Site A, user should be automatically registered on Site B (Site C and so on) as well.

What is Trigger?
Trigger is a the trigger😁, any event happen on site is called Trigger, helps in automation.

What is Action?
Any event to be happened on the behave of Trigger is called Action, helps in automation.

What is Transaction?
Trigger and Action happens on site using BotMate is called Transaction.

BotMate Logs
BotMate logs each transaction, and keeps all record, what data was sent and what data was received.

How does this flow work?🤔

how does botmate work, botmate working
How does BotMate work

Is BotMate Secure?
Yes, BotMate is completely safe and secure for automation, BotMate works on Rest APIs using Secret API key, that admin can change and manipulate, if Admin is not comfortable.

Download and Integrate BotMate: BotMate – Automate or Sync Your Sites With No Code – WordPress plugin |

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How to Integrate BotMate?
This video will help you in understanding, how to integrate BotMate, and how does BotMate work.


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