WordPress Community and Commercial Plugins

WordPress Plugins recently categorized plugin as Community and Commercial.

plugins home page

Why WordPress did this?

WordPress is trying its best for developer who wants to earn through monetizing plugins or providing services.

Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce

😍Crypto Icons! Show crypto icons with pricing on Products and Shop page.

How to categorize my plugin?

If you are a plugin developer you must be curious how to categorize my plugin, it’s really easy.

Email to plugins@wordpress.org with Plugin URL and tell them, you want to make your plugin Commercial, they will enable for you.

After log in to your WordPress account, go to advance of your plugin, you will find these new options, where You may enter Commercial Support URL.

plugin advance page
plugin page

Commercial Plugin option will be enabled, this is how it will look like.

Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce

🖼️Customized Products! Allow buyer to order customzied products.


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